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Dominate Using Facebook - How to become the PM Agency of Choice in your Market.


With Darren Hunter and Kerry Fitzgibbon


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There is no question that Facebook has DOMINATED to become THE media platform that over 1 billion active DAILY users are now spending so much of their time on.

It has totally taken over TV time and other traditional media platforms as the place where people now access most of their reading material and where they interact and engage with others - and that’s where your prospective clients are RIGHT NOW.

And RIGHT NOW, as a PM Agency you can NO LONGER ignore how to use it effectively to DOMINATE your market, attract new leads and grow your rent roll.

It is no longer an option NOT to know how to use it effectively, otherwise you run the risk of becoming extinct!

In July 2017, Darren Hunter reveals his ‘secret weapon’ and teams up with his Facebook Marketing coach, Kerry Fitzgibbon, to deliver four hard-hitting Facebook marketing and strategy sessions via a Web Event.

Kerry Fitzgibbon is the leading Facebook Marketing expert over Australia and New Zealand and in the TOP TEN globally. Kerry is also the leading Facebook Marketing force behind Glenn Twiddle’s recent ‘Total Success’ Event, headlining Arnold Schwarzenegger and the ‘Titans of Real Estate’ Event with Sir Richard Branson.

Further, Kerry was the Facebook marketing force behind the leading rent roll growth series ‘Geared for Growth’ that dominated people’s Facebook news feeds for weeks and sold-out four of the seven live events (Brisbane sold-out twice!) 

Darren Hunter is one of the leading national and international property management trainers and in only four years has dominated Facebook with the largest PM Page over Australia and New Zealand (third largest globally) with over 18,000 likes and growing at speed! Each week Darren engages with over 5,000 people on Facebook and recently one post went totally viral with well over 600,000 people reached - in just ONE post, unboosted!

In this 4-part Web Event, Darren and Kerry will teach you how to DOMINATE in your marketplace using Facebook, reach your target audience, effectively generate warm leads and have your prospective clients ignore your competitors and come to you as the obvious agent of choice.


It's easy for your entire team to access this training when and how it suits you!  

• Attend the 4 x 1-hour sessions live as a team (or individually) and interact with the presenters direct.

• Delivered directly to you and your team on any device - no matter where you’re located!

• Access the recordings afterwards - you and your team can watch any sessions later at your own convenience as a team, or individually (access via a secret ‘Youtube’ link supplied after each event) if you cannot attend the live sessions, or you simply want to go over the content again, study and implement it.

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This is what you can expect from this 4-Part Web Event series:


Wednesday 5th July at 12 noon (Sydney time).

1-hour including Q & A.

Session One: How to Build An Effective Audiences and Reach Your Prospects.

Did you know you can target your ideal audience and market with precision on Facebook, but only when you know how.

Stop struggling with the ‘scatter-gun’ approach of a ‘target audience’ you’ll find in a post boost at the front-end.

There’s so much more you can do in Facebook Ads Manager in the back-end. Kerry will show you how.

In this session Kerry will unpack:

• Identify WHO your ideal clients are. This HAS to be defined. This is important to figure out otherwise you cannot be effective in reaching your prospects.

• Why you MUST stand out from the pack. Why should your prospective clients choose you over another agency down the road?

• The two essential things that you MUST DO to locate your ideal clients on Facebook and get them to become warm prospects.

• The TOP 10 different audience types to target on Facebook including 'hot' engagement audiences, your email database and those that 'look like' your current clients. But shhhhhh.... most PM Agencies don't even know these audiences exist.

• The best types of Facebook ads to run to reach and impact these different audiences.



Wednesday 12th July at 12 noon (Sydney time).

1-hour including Q & A.

Session Two – How to DOMINATE and Engage with your Audience.

Unless you know how to effectively engage with your Facebook posts, you’re really wasting your time!

The more you engage with your audience, the more they trust you, with the end result in them doing business or referring you leads as the person or agency of choice in your marketplace.

Darren's Facebook page darrenhunter.com has become the largest PM Facebook Business Page over Australia and New Zealand and third largest globally, with over 18,000 likes.

Further, Darren reaches over 100,000 people and engages with over 5,000 to 10,000 people most weeks (comments/shares/likes) and regularly creates posts that go viral, with one recently reaching 610,000 people organically (non-boosted).

Darren is a real mover and shaker on Facebook and in this session you can learn how you can dominate in the PM space as well.

In this session Darren will impart to you:

• The 3 irrefutable reasons you should focus on building your page likes.

• How to engage in 3 powerful and effective ways.

• Ten different highly engaging post styles that will get you real results.

  • How to create your own 'high-impact' quality memes quickly and easily, and how to find the best ones that really capture and motivate your audience.

• The four different post structures and which ones will get you the best free traction right now.

• The five essential elements of a viral post that will get you a ton of free organic reach (yes...it's still possible).

• How Facebook decides WHO will see your posts and HOW the almighty Facebook algorithms work.

Wednesday 19th July at 12 noon (Sydney time).

1-hour including Q & A.

Session Three – Different Types of Facebook Ads and Strategies.

Kerry is one of the best Facebook Ad writers on the planet today, with the focused ability to grab the attention of the reader in their newsfeed, causing them to take serious action RIGHT AWAY.

You can write your own ads and struggle or learn from a master that has written ads for hundreds of successful companies and brands across the world.

In this session, Kerry will equip you with:

  • The best ads to use with the right audiences to build your prospect list.
  • The 5 essential elements of an effective ad that grabs the attention of your prospects.
  • Facebook 're-marketing'- how to drop an ad instantly back in front of your prospects once they have visited your website and shown interest in your services.
  • The new Facebook Messenger ad- it's like having your own PA on Facebook who communicates with your Facebook visitors instantly via FB Messenger.
  • The 2 best Facebook ads to promote current rental listings that that you don't simply attract new tenants but also attract and impress prospective owners who can see that you're far more serious about property marketing than your competitors.


Wednesday 26th July at 12 noon (Sydney time).

1-hour including Q & A.

Session Four – Reading your Facebook Insights and Statistics and HOW to Optimize to Save Money and DOMINATE.

When you know your prospective client intimately, you then know how to gain their trust and business.

Facebook supplies you with an amazing array of insights and stats so you get precise information that you can leverage for success.

No other platform will equip you with audience information and feedback like Facebook can.

In this session Kerry will unload:

• Where to find your Facebook Page Insights and know when your clients are online so you know the best times to engage and interact with them.

• Where to find your Facebook Ad Statistics in Ads Manager and why the default stats are not the ones you should be focusing on.

• The six most important Facebook Ad statistics you SHOULD be looking at to get the best results and how you can set up automatic reports to track them.

• How to quickly figure out what is working and what is not and how you can optimize your Facebook marketing to get a better return on your investment.


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Who is it suited for?

Anyone in real estate who wants to learn how to use Facebook effectively for business development and to build their brand in the marketplace and dominate!

Add Value worth $298 - for each office that purchases an event pass, as a part of your ticket price you’ll also receive (emailed to you after the series has commenced) our live series recordings as an MP3 Download:

• 8 Ways To Get Better and Higher Fees with New Business- worth $99

• 35 Ways to Stand-Out and Win- Our Complete 'Points of Difference' Library- worth $199


About Kerry Fitzgibbon –

Social Media Strategist - Facebook Ad and Remarketing Specialist


kerry f

For the last 8 years Kerry has been working with businesses all over the world, helping them to implement the very latest Facebook marketing strategies. As a former radio host and TV journalist, Kerry has been involved in marketing and communication for over 17 years.

If you’ve met Kerry before you’ll know she’s a woman not to be messed with!

This passionate, tenacious, and determined woman is currently training for an Ironman event but is also a regular marathon runner, having completed 11 marathons including the Boston Marathon last year with a personal best of 3 hours 21 mins.

Never one to miss a marketing opportunity, she is the proud owner of the “Marathon Girl” sportswear brand, with the logo: “Never mess with a woman who runs 42km just for fun”, which of course she promotes on Facebook.

Her other passions are shoes (with a PB of 47 pairs), and her 2 beautiful babies, Teaghan and Kaeleb.

Lucky for us, Kerry applies her inexhaustible energy to learning about, applying and coaching others in Social Media Marketing specialising in Facebook Advertising and Remarketing.

Here are some of the things that Kerry teaches:

• How to rapidly generate hundreds of hot leads a day using Facebook marketing. Gone are the days when you need to spend hours every day on Facebook. Kerry will show you how, in just 20 minutes a day, you can double your opt-in rates, increase sales by up to 15-fold, and at the same time reduce your social media marketing spend by up to 90%.

• Did you know that a person who joins your list from Facebook will buy 3 times as much as someone who comes from a Google search? It’s critical for every business to use Facebook marketing. Unfortunately most businesses are still doing Facebook Marketing the old way – and it’s costing them dearly.

• And if you’re keen to put your learnings into place straight away, Kerry will give you the nuts-and-bolts of “how to implement Facebook the right way” in your business. Follow Kerry’s step-by-step, easy-to-follow formula for rapid marketing results.

• If it is all too hard and you want Kerry to do it all for you – we are lucky to have her on our team to do just that!


About Darren Hunter.
National and International Property Management Trainer, Consultant and Speaker- Australia, New Zealand and the USA.


Darren Hunter from darrenhunter.com is a national and international property management trainer, expert and leading industry authority in fees and overcoming fee discounting.

On a national level:

A consultant and trainer now for over 11 years, Darren has previously worked as the state (network) property manager with one of Australia’s most respected real estate brands - recruiting, training, implementing policies and procedures and managing 28 property managers in 18 regional offices over South Australia and the Northern Territory.

In 2006 he wrote the national property management policies and procedures for the third largest rent roll in Australia.

Darren presents seminars around the country ranging in topic from; how to DOMINATE using Facebook, new business and fee justification scripts and dialogue, rent control and time management strategies, rent roll income maximisation, market fee updates, inspections, tenant selection, recruitment and correct interview technique plus many more 'hot topic' property management training sessions.

Darren's Facebook page also has the largest following (over 18,000 fans) of any real estate company or identity in Australia and New Zealand!

Further, Darren has presented for the Real Estate Institutes in WA, SA, NT and TAS and has presented at the Leading Property Managers of Australia Forums (LPMA) from 2007 to 2016.

Darren has also trained for the Real Estate Institutes (SA/WA/NT/TAS and National), as well as Ray White (SA/NT), Raine and Horne National Conference (NSW), First National (SA/WA/VIC), The Professionals (SA/WA/QLD/NSW/VIC) and a number of independent groups and networks.

On an international level:

Internationally, Darren was an invited speaker at the New Zealand Residential Property Manager's Conference(NZRPM) in 2008 (Rotorua) and 2009 (Wellington), the Professionals NZ Annual Conference in 2008 (Rotorua) and the Harcourts NZ Annual Confernece in Wellington (2017).

Further, Darren also presented at the Leading Property Managers of New Zealand Forums (LPMNZ) in 2011 and 2012.

Darren was also an invited speaker at the Florida Association of Residential Property Managers (FARPM) in Florida in 2009 and again in 2010.

Darren was also awarded the official title of 'PME- Property Management Expert'. Darren is one of only 30 people awarded this title, and represents one of only four people awarded this title outside of the United States (the three other people being fellow Australian and Property Management experts Bob Walters, Tony Warren and Anne Warren)

Darren was also the keynote speaker at the National Association of Residential Property Managers Conference (NARPM- Atlanta Chapter) in Atlanta, Georgia, September 2011.

He also presented for the NARPM Texas Chapter in San Antonio, Texas, in June 2014, speaking on time and stress management keys to property managers and business owners.

Darren also returned to Texas and spoke to agents in San Antonio and Houston in November 2015, and delivered expertise in a speaking session to agents in New Mexico and Virginia- USA in February 2017, all on fee maximisation strategies.

Darren's contribution to knowledge around the globe:

Darren is a recognised expert nationally and internationally and has contributed various articles to printed and online publications including the 'Property Management Journal' (AUS), 'The Residential Property Manager' (AUS), 'Leased' (AUS) as well as 'PM2' (NZ), 'Florida Association of Residential Property Managers' Magazine (USA) and the 'Canada Apartment Manager' Magazine (Canada).