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Vacant property trashed- and painted!

We all have seen rental properties trashed after an eviction has taken place.

However rarely do we experience a property trashed whilst it is vacant.

Jackie, a property manager from Melbourne shared this concerning story with us, and the photos below:

"Our poor landlord was just completing a full property paint, new installation of blinds and other general improvements during the vacant period. On returning to work at the property on Monday he came in to find it had been broken into and some kids had gone absolutely mental inside.

Not only was every room covered in paint from floor to ceiling, including down drains, toilets and the oven – they had also destroyed all the new curtains and most fittings and fixtures, not to mention what they left behind on the stovetop! (Thanks Jackie- we left out this photo simply because it was too shocking to show!)

Also, how’s this for forward thinking? The kids removed the smoke detectors in preparation for lighting a fire in the loungeroom!

After police inspection and even the local newspaper coming down to take some snaps, a quick insurance claim had been made and the landlord is pleased to find he is fully covered for what is expected to be over $60,000 worth of damage as well as loss of rent in the interim.

And the moral of the story? Pays to have insurance!"

Thanks Jackie for sharing your story and these pics.

We will have a $100 Woolies Gift Card in the post to you shortly.


$100 Bounty- Got any unusual photos to share?

Got any weird or unusual property management photos to share?

Email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and if we feature them on our website, you will receive a $100 Woolworths Group Gift Card that you can use at any Woolworths Supermarket/Big W/Woolworths Fuel/Dick Smith Electronics/Woolworths Liquor/Dan Murphy's Liquor stores.

What type of photos are we looking for? Generally something you normally wouldn't see, to do with property management.

Though 'trashed properties' might look 'shocking' we are looking for something that is unusual, different, perhaps a bit weird and beyond the normal (that can be shown publically!) and is a great talking point!

Got a great photo to share? Send it though now!

You might just get a $100 for your effort of sending an email with some photos!

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